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  TRC Engineering is dedicated to helping Property Management Professionals, Property Owners, Condominium Association’s Boards and Building Maintenance Professionals in the best way to manage the mechanical systems in their buildings. Below is a sample of the seminars that TRC Engineering offers. We are happy to cater a presen-tation to your Company’s / Property’s particular […]

Piping and Ductwork

  The decision to replace piping in a building is often not an easy one. Pipe testing will tell the thickness of the pipe wall and the feasibility of epoxy lining. If lining is not an option and replacement is in order it is a project of some magnitude. TRC Engineering can help all along […]

Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Replacements Here are examples of two cooling tower replacements designed and supervised by TRC Engineering. From the simplest replacement to the most complicated, TRC will recommend and design the best fit for the property.


Technology has advanced significantly in the last 20 years providing improvements in energy efficiency and reliability in all mechanical systems. Chiller replacements offer the opportunity to select and design the most energy efficient systems available.


Boiler Replacements Here are two examples of boiler replacements, designed and supervised by TRC Engineering. Inefficient, outdated boilers were replaced by high efficiency, reliable boilers controlled with state of the art electronics.