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TRC Engineering is dedicated to helping Property Management Professionals, Property Owners, Condominium Association’s Boards and Building Maintenance Professionals in the best way to manage the mechanical systems in their buildings.

Below is a sample of the seminars that TRC Engineering offers. We are happy to cater a presen-tation to your Company’s / Property’s particular needs.

Building Management Series:

• Management Strategies for Aging Building Infrastructure in Older Buildings

• Energy Conservation & Management Best Practices for Large Building’s HVAC Systems

• Piping Replacements: Unplanned Budget Busters in Older Buildings

Preventive Maintenance Series:

• How to Save Money with Preventive Maintenance

• Preventive Maintenance for Building Owners, Managers & Maintenance Professionals

Other Seminars / Presentations

• Leadership for Large Projects

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress…”

–Kofi Annan